Saturday, February 13

Hand Warmers & Heat Pack Gift Set

We've had some nice, warm days blowing through the Midwest this winter. We even spent one Saturday in January at the zoo when the temp hit almost 60! Then February rolled around. And it's downright chilly around here. Brrrr. So today I'm sharing one of our favorite ways to cozy up and beat the cold... easy homemade heat packs (with bonus handwarmers for when you have to be out and about!).

Just pop the heat pack in the microwave to warm up your hands or feet, or use them to sooth aching muscles (you can also put them in the freezer to make a cold pack in the warmer months). And trust me, once you try these you'll want to make some for all your chilly friends!

The handwarmers are great to slip in your gloves when you're heading out to shovel or play in the snow. You can make a perfect little gift set by bundling together a heat pack with a pair of handwarmers. Try tucking a set in a gift bag with some hot chocolate and go surprise your bestie with some extra warm goodies on a chilly day!