Wednesday, May 19

Candle Stands - A Freebie Find!

My parents were helping clean out our church basement, and found a couple wooden candle stands that were headed for the garbage. They were a little on the ugly side and definitely outdated, but they knew their daughter loves a good project and snagged them for me! I wish I had taken before pictures, but at least you can see the after!

The first job was cleaning them up and scraping off the old wax. Once that was over the fun started! The two taller stands started out the same size, so I cut one shorter for a little more variety. The shortest one wasn't even a candle stand. It had some little table top that I pulled off so I could just use the base. Remember, groupings always look better in odd numbers! Then all I did was give them a coat of glossy black paint, and viola! Freebie candle stands!

Well, I did buy the candles on after-Christmas clearance. But other than that I didn't spend a dime! And I spent maybe an hour fixing them up. You can't beat that! Never be afraid to snag something just because it is a little outdated. It just needs a little love!

I love that glossy black paint! It really gives them an up-to-date finish while keeping the traditional styling. And that is my favorite. A mix of traditional and contemporary. Perfect.

I can't wait to see your freebie finds!

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