Sunday, June 19

The Deals Keep Coming!

This was a good week for me in the yard sale department. I had a couple sisters in town this week (and my dad who was happy to babysit Baby B for a while) so we were able to hit a couple yard sales Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (including a dollar-per-bag sale)! I snagged several items I've been on the lookout for and got some great deals in the process. Not to mention the fun time I had with my sisters. Here are my finds for this week:

$2.00 - Rolling fabric bin storage. Planning to use this to organize our closet!

$0.25 Basket - for bathroom organization.

$0.75 Picture frame. I'm collecting frames for a photo collage wall and usually don't pay more than $0.50 for one, but I really like that this one is square! Plus I got it at a youth group fundraiser sale, so I didn't mind giving them extra. :)

$0.25 - Small drum shade.

$0.50 - Large drum shade

$0.50 - Pool sink toys, baseball bases, and inflatable chair for the pool. This is all for my sisters. I actually paid $0.50 for the sink toys, and the rest was part of a dollar-per-bag sale, which I'll talk about in a minute.

$1.25 - White binder, small hole punch, and a movie.

$3.00 - New light for our front porch.

$0.50 - White binder and book for Baby B.

$8.00 - 2 floating shelves for Baby B's room. I was planning to build some, but for $4 each this was a much better option!

$7.00 - Cabinets! I actually paid $7 for the one on the right, and the one on the left was free because it's pretty wonky. But for free we'll happily try to fix it! This gives us all the cabinets we need to make over our kitchen, so we just have to find some more for the basement.

$2.00 - .....I can't say! It's a birthday surprise for my sister and I don't want to spoil it! But let's just say it's awesome, and if it weren't for this next thing it would probably be my tuck & run!

Tuck & Run! This week had more of a tuck and run event instead of a single item. Our church had a rummage sale starting on Thursday, and on Saturday they had a half price/dollar-per-bag sale! Imagine two hours of people tucking things in bags and running! Fun! Here is what I managed to snag for a mere $5.50:
10 picture frames.
 White dish, small shadow box, towel ring, travel rummikub, and hole punch reinforcements.
 Books for Baby B. My sister actually found these for him. Thanks sister!
 Wallet, small tote, and weekend travel bag. They're not purses so it's okay, right? :)
 A curtain rod for my room, and a paper lantern (I actually only got it because I want the light cord for another project)
 3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts for me.
 And a small mountain of clothes for Baby B.

The one that got away: I don't have anything spectacular that I missed out on this week, just a coffee table I wish I had bought for our patio. It was only $5 and I passed it up. Then I had non-buyers remorse and tried to go back for it, but it was already gone. Oops! So I'll just keep my eyes open for something else that can do the job. :)

I'd say overall I didn't do too bad for just over $30. And did I mention my sisters were here? Yard sales are SO much more fun when you have someone to go with. Anybody else have some good finds this week?


  1. That's a lot of tucking and running! Congrats on the successful garage-saleing! Sailing?

  2. Thanks! That's a tough spelling call. I don't think spell check approves of either. That means you get to chose! :)