Friday, July 8


It was kind of slim pickings on the garage sale front last weekend, probably because it was a holiday weekend, but I did manage to grab just a few deals:

 $1.50 - 3 Dr. Suess books for Baby B. Yes, I do buy him books almost every week. And we will read every one of them! :)

 $0.50 - 2 picture frames. They both look exactly the same, but the other made it on the wall before I could even get a picture of it. I love the window-look and that it can hold 2 pictures!

$1.00 - 2 mirrors. I was wanting a mirror to hang by Baby B's changing station so he can look at himself, so for $0.50 apiece I picked up 2 to see which shape works best in there. A bright coat of paint will fix them right up! 

$0.50 - 2 mini blinds. I have a project planned for these bad boys. Hopefully it works! :)

$0.50 - a set of votive candles for the patio. 

$0.25 - a make-up travel bag. Brand-spanking new, and I love the apple print!

And that's it for this week!

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