Friday, September 30

Baby B's New Space

Last night we made a quick change for Baby B. It was my husbands idea, and it was totally genius. What did we do? We moved the coffee table (to an awkward right-by-the-front-door place. we'll work on that later)...

 And put down a blanket for Baby B in the new real estate!

Our house isn't very big so Baby B didn't have a good place to play. Now he has room to roam and still be right in the middle of whatever we're doing. Now we just need to get a rug for him to play on.  That's all I have today. Just a quick little change that we are totally in love with (and let's all pretend my house it totally clean, okay?). So I'll wrap this up with a couple quick pics of Baby B from our latest photo shoots....

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness, he just gets cuter and cuter. I love that you gave him some 'real estate.' It's a win/win--he has his own space, and you get to watch him play. :)

  2. Baby B will enjoy his new space! Dad would like a copy of the last picture for his office. He is sure a good looking kid!