Thursday, September 8

Guest Post @ Active Fingers

Today is a special day - I have the privilege of guest posting on my friend Anna's blog Active Fingers! Why "active fingers?" Well let me tell you.... Anna crochets, draws, cooks, plays piano, and pretty much does all things crafty and awesome. And she teaches music! I can always count on her blog to put a smile on my face. And make me hungry. Did I mention she cooks? I did? Well did I mention that she is amazingly good
at it? Well now you know.

I digress. You should definitely head over to Active Fingers and check out my guest post about How to Yard Sale. I'm offering up 10 tips for successfully shopping at yard sales and saving yourself tons of money in the process. And say "hi" to Anna while you're there!

Thanks Anna for having me as a guest on Active Fingers!

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