Friday, September 16

A Little Bathroom Love

Even though we moved in almost 11 months ago, our bathroom still hasn't had much attention. Here it is when we moved in:

And here it is after the mini makeover where we removed the shower doors, painted the mirror, and used some left over blue paint for the walls. Better than it was, but still not good. There were a lot of things that I didn't like at all/were totally gross.

After we put in the new vent, we had to repaint the ceiling anyway so we decided to make the most of the opportunity and try to salvage what little hope the bathroom had. We just wanted something halfway decent to last until we could do a major renovation. So what did we do? We painted the ceiling yellow...

painted the tile & vanity fresh white, and added new hardware to the cabinet (don't panic, the tile is plastic and was already painted when we moved in)...

pulled up the carpet (how sad is it when the last carpet to be removed is in the bathroom? Gross!)....

(you know you want to know what was under it. brace yourself.)...

Now we understand why there was carpet there, so we got some new vinyl flooring...

and used the old carpet as a template to cut it out...

replaced the shower curtain.....

added some accessories.....

and called it a day! Well, more like 2 days. Paint has to dry, you know.

I think my jaw hit the floor when this all came together. It totally took the bathroom  from "this is horrible I hope we can make it decent enough to live with until our first opportunity to demolish it and start over" to "wow. this is actually really pretty. and totally livable. maybe we'll remodel in a few years if we have to." Music to my hubby's ears. :)

And for a total cost breakdown of the project:
  • $23 - yellow paint (but there is lots left over that we plan to use in the kitchen)
  • $0 - white paint (left over from painting the master bedroom)
  • $2 - new hardware for the vanity
  • $13 - vinyl flooring
  • $20 - new shower curtain (the splurge of the makeover!)
  • $0 - accessories (we already had everything, I just brought it into the bathroom)
Total: $58

Seriously. For a totally awesome bathroom makeover. I love it!

The only things that will probably be replaced more short term (aka less than a few years) are the lights. As you can see, they are still pretty bad, but we took the wooden poles off the bottom and that helped. But their days are still numbered. I don't know what the number is, but I'll keep you posted. :)

Were you ever surprised by how easy a dramatic transformation was?


  1. Wow! That is beautiful! I especially like the box shelves to the left of the mirror :)

  2. The box shelves = LUV. A thrifty find? You did an amazing job, as always!

  3. Thank you! The box shelves were actually a wedding present! We just never found the perfect place for them until now. :)

  4. Wow. Very cool. I wish I had your skills. My wife does, thankfully..I'm totally sending her your blog.

    Your blog is so awesome, by the way.

  5. Hello. I'm new to your blog and just going through your posts. Forgive me if they've been since updated, but maybe I just haven't seen that post yet. Love how you do things on the cheap and it's all coming together so nicely. Great job! Taking the wooden parts from the lights was genius as it made such a huge difference. To freshen up the lights, you can always take them down and spray paint. I had absolutely ugly, peeling, brass lights on either side of my garage. Took them babies down and used oil rubbed bronze (orb) and they look like a million bucks!

    1. Yay! Welcome! That is a great idea. You totally have me wheels turning now! Maybe I could paint the base and replace the glass? I feel like that will totally fix it. Thanks so much! And thanks for commenting!

  6. What is the name and brand of the yellow paint that you used?

    1. It is Olympic premium from Lowe's (my usual choice). I'm actually having trouble finding the exact name because it doesn't say on the can. From memory I'm thinking it was called Butterfly Bush?