Tuesday, December 20

Wrapping Things Up

My presents are wrapped and under the tree! Here's how things went down this year....

After doing some pinterest research to make a wrapping plan (see the original post here), I gathered the supplies to get the job done. I picked up brown paper from Dollar Tree (it was with box tape and packaging supplies), saved up a few newspapers, made salt dough gift tags (see the tutorial here), and pulled out my stash of ribbons (I always pick some up in the after Christmas sales for the next year - red, green, and white are my staples.)

Then I got down to business. I wrapped each package in either brown paper or newspaper then tied it with a ribbon and attached a salt dough tag (I wrote the names on the back of the tags and tied them on with raffia).

If I had more than one gift for a person I would bundle them together, usually wrapping the larger gift in brown paper and the smaller gift in newspaper.

I like to put most of my gifts in boxes before I wrap them. It makes them look tidier and more substantial under the tree.

This is one of my favorite combos. I love the mix of the two papers with a green ribbon. And that little tiny  bow I had to make after I accidentally used a too short ribbon. Now I really like it. :)

And that was pretty much it. I kept it pretty simple and natural and I love how each gift turned out a little different. I also love how they all work together once I piled them under the tree.

I did mix things up a little and use this fun Rudolph paper to wrap any gifts for kids or white elephant games.

Now I really feel like my tree is done. And Baby B is having a grand time playing with the gifts. He hasn't got any open yet, but he likes to untie the bows and chew on the tags (yuck!)

Are your presents wrapped yet? Do you put them under the tree early or wait until Christmas Eve?


  1. LOVE your wrappings; the gift tags rock, and the coordinated papers look very artsy.

    We had an awesome skype session this evening as the kiddos in New York opened their presents from Michigan. Amanda and I shopped on Black Friday, then she took the loot to NY and wrapped it for me. Am I clever or what!

  2. Thanks Rhetta! Nice work with the gifts, definitely a smart idea! Ha! It's also great that you got to be "together" to open them!