Wednesday, March 14

Hello Springtime!

This little boy LOVES to be outside. He also loved it when he was teeny tiny, but then got stuck indoors for most of the winter. But these last few summer-like days have been spent in the great outdoors, and he just might be in heaven.

 It took him a few minutes to decide that he liked crawling in the grass, but then he was unstoppable! And it turns out he really likes dirt.

While he was crawling around wreaking havoc on my plants and anything else he could reach, I used the opportunity to freshen up the patio a little. I gave it a good sweeping and brought the pillows out of "storage" (aka a pile on top of the grill). The husband also took the grill out of it's "protective covering" (aka Mount Patio Pillows), cleaned it up, and proceeded to grill us a delicious dinner! I also washed the pillow cases for the throw pillows. And then I rearranged things, because that's how I roll.

Baby B took a moment to help me. 

"This pillow is better here, mom!"

I just split up the sectional (see how we built the sectional here) a little to give better flow to the yard. Is that silly on a patio? Maybe, but it's still fun. :)

I think it makes the space more conversational and opens it up to the yard. Plus we could slide a folding table in between the benches when we cook out, which we've done 3 times in the last week!

I haven't dug out the seat cushions yet, but I actually kind of like the look of this. Although it isn't good for napping. :)

 Who knows if it will even stay this way long? So far I love it, but once we use it some more I'll know if it is really functional for us or not.  What do you think? Better or worse than before?

And that's what Baby B and I have been up to, along with plenty of romping, ball rolling, and trips to the park. Just enjoying those blue skies and these blue eyes!

Have you been taking advantage of these warm days???


  1. Hey Georgia!
    I read your blog everyday on my RSS feeder and I love seeing what you've been up to. I am completely addicted to DIY/Home Improvement as well. Today I was awarded with the Liebster Blog Award and as a recipient I also get to pass it along to other small blogs as a way to say "I think you're awesome!" and I choose you!! Love your blog and hope you will accept my award!
    Happy DIYing!

    1. Rachel, wow! Thank you so much! I definitely accept! And I'm so glad you commented because I love your blog! :)