Friday, April 13

Party Supplies

I can't believe my baby is 1 already. Crazy. And although his actual birthday is past, we aren't have his party until later this month. Apart from the things I made for Baby B's big shindig, I did most of my shopping at Dollar Tree. Here's what I bought:

2 packs of silverware ($1 each)
2 packs of napkins ($1 each)
2 packs of plates ($1 each)
3 packs of cups ($1 each)
1 pack of straws ($1)
1 pack of balloons ($1)
1 roll wrapping paper ($1)
2 packs of cupcakes cups (from the grocery store, $2 each) 
Total = $15

 I also picked up things to make a few little party favors for Baby B's baby friends. I spent $4 on bubbles, pinwheels, water squirt toys, and bags to put them in. And that's all we bought for the party besides food. And presents, of course. More details on those things later. :)

 I just love this picture. See why? You can see Baby B's hand sneaking in to get the plates. He is SO funny. :)

And this was the only picture I have of the dinosaur wrapping paper because Baby B wouldn't put it down! That's it for party business today, but I have more Baby B to share, as usual. :) He loves to "cook." I give him pots and spoons and he has a heyday! Here he is making his specialty "Puff Soup."

All the best chefs taste their food like this:

Cooking is very serious business. :)

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  1. Your baby looks so cute, very adorable. I hope your baby will enjoy more on the stuff you bought for him.