Thursday, July 12

What I've Been Sewing - Giant Beach Bag

When I saw this tutorial by Put Up Your Dukes I knew I needed this bag! The biggest, bestest beach bag ever! We're hoping to get some camping time on lake Michigan this summer and this will be perfect if we do. Not to mention it's awesome for hauling all of our random stuff for weekend's away to visit the grandparents.

I do have to say, in spite of seeing the pictures, reading the measurements, and even cutting out the pieces, I had NO IDEA how huge this bag was going to be until it started coming together. Wowza. It's big. We're talking pants-optional if you stand behind it big.

I think it doubles as a sleeping bag. Baby B doesn't agree.

I did tweak a few things when I made mine. I don't like unfinished edges hanging out so I double folded the top of all my pockets to keep things tidy.

 To solve the unfinished edge problem along the sides of my pockets I added an extra line of stitching to lock everything in. I followed the tutorial to attach the pockets, then peeked inside to see how far the unfinished edges stuck out. I added my second line of stitching in just far enough to cover the unfinished edges. Besides that, I just added a few extra pockets inside and reinforced the straps with a little extra stitching.

 And that's how I made the best beach bag ever. :) And don't worry, tomorrow is that last day of what I've been sewing. At least the last planned day. But I have been doing more sewing. Which kind of figures that I wait until my good machine is in the shop to become a sewing machine. Ha. That was pun. You're welcome. Happy Thursday!


  1. That sure is a big bag...nice work!

    1. Why yes. Yes it is. You can carry me around in it if you want....