Saturday, August 18

Camping Boy

Warning: this post has no home-related content whatsoever. It is entirely pictures of Baby B from our camping trip earlier this month. The boy LOVES the great outdoors, so we probably shouldn't have been surprised by how much he loved camping. I don't think he had a frowny face the whole time we were there. :) And so for your viewing pleasure....

 Helping Grandma make pancakes.

 Rocking his fancy camping jammies.

 He is a friend to all of nature.

 NOT a friend to hammocks.

 Unless he can sit with daddy.

 Or mommy!

 Beach boy inspecting the lake... from a safe and comfortable distance.

 Mmmm... cherries!

 This is how he said "EH-LO!" every morning.

"Hmmm... I think I'd rather be out here with everyone else..."

 "Mommy's not out here! RETREAT!"

 "Caw, caw, ROOOAARRR!"

A beach nap with grandma.

Hopefully that meets your Baby B requirements for today. You're welcome.

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