Monday, September 24

Floating Shelves

If you remember the kitchen sneak peek I gave a few weeks ago, you probably saw a glimpse of the new floating shelves we put in. 

We had a kind of awkward little space between the upper cabinets and window and finally decided that some simple floating shelves would make the best use of the space. Easier and cheaper than a narrow cabinet and cleaner lines than a shelf with brackets. Once the cabinets are painted white everything should blend together pretty seamlessly. 

Once we decided on floating shelves we planned to build our own (plans here), but then I found these little guys at Ikea that were the perfect size for only $7 each. I don't see this small size online, but the larger version of the same shelf is here.

Baby steps, right? :) Little baby steps = more time for playing with the hose.

Baby B finally learned how to work the sprayer. He couldn't be more thrilled.

 He promptly turned his new-found skills against me. He's trying to spray me while I hide behind a tree. Stinker.

B loves bike rides in his cart. And he loves his new helmet. And he loves when I wear my helmet. He's pointing at my head so I'll put it on. :)

Hope you all are enjoying these last warm days!

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