Sunday, December 30

Nifty Gifties

Last year I wrapped my presents in a combo of brown craft paper and old newspaper with red & green ribbons. It turned out pretty much fantastic.

This year I decided to try something a little different. I guess having Baby B around made me want to try something more fun & colorful. Wanna see?

I picked up some wrapping paper on clearance last year that was still brown, but had lots of color mixed in, too. It seemed like a good balance.

Then I just tied them up with fun ribbons (also from clearance last year) and the salt dough gift tags I made a few weeks ago.

The verdict? I like last year's SOOO much better. Oh well, this is how we learn! :)

And there's good news! N's wrapping skillz seem to have greatly improved. This was my birthday gift:

He told me "We have a new nightstand. You're not allowed to touch it." I touched it. :) And while we're on gifts, I made just one homemade gift this year and, seriously, I barely pulled it off. I think I need to start tomorrow if I'm making any gifts for 2013. But in they end it turned out great! It was a set of shopping bags for a friend. The pattern is here. I almost couldn't give them away, they turned out so pretty! I need to get some of that fabric for myself. :)

What was your favorite gift this year? How did you wrap your presents? Did you make any homemade presents?


  1. Both wrapping jobs are pretty, but I'm with you, I like the brown paper and newspaper better. I want to try that next year! We wrapped our presents in 4 different designs of paper. No theme, no plan, just to cover the boxes haha.
    My favorite gift was, oh boy, so hard to pick just one, but probably my Silhouette Cameo. I was very surprised by it and can't wait to make some crafts with it. I used Shutterfly to create photo books from my wedding this summer for my parents and my in-laws. I was going to make some homemade coasters but I started too late and the one I tried failed miserably. I agree, need to start now for next year.

    1. Oooo, I hope I get a Silhouette someday! You will have so much fun with that! And I love the photo book idea for gifts. I'll have to try that for the grandparents next year! :)