Monday, January 7


Baby B fix! Again! It's like my Christmas present to you. ;) This time, we observe Baby B breaking in some new snow toys....

"Come on, Mama! Let's shovel!"

"Where did I leave that shovel?"

 Run away, RUN AWAY!


"Hey Da! Wait for me!"

Getting a nice big scoop. But then he can't decide what to do with it. So....

...he gives it to Da da!

Sweeter than ice cream!

Uhhhhh... not so sure about this whole sled thing...

He actually had fun, I promise. This was a happy squeal. He's not crying. Promise.

There's the smile! As soon as the Daddy stopped Baby would say "more! MORE!"

The Da da threw a snowball at Baby B!

"Oh no you di-n't!"

Bracing for another snowball.

Look out Daddy, he's got your number now!

The wind up...

... and the throw!

Daddy helped him make an itty bitty snowman. He wouldn't throw it. He decided it was too precious. :)

Been having any fun in the snow lately? We did... but seriously. I'm ready for summer now. Bring on the heat!

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  1. These photos are adorable, but I think the comments make the package complete. :-)