Thursday, June 6

Big Boy Bed!

It's time for another chapter in the big boy room diaries. Big boy room journal? Notebook? Anyway, B has officially graduated to a big boy bed! Papa & Grandma brought it during a weekend visit last week and even helped set it up before they left. B's verdict? He loves it. He calls it "nuuu bed" and tells me all about Papa and dada putting it up. And he made the transition like a champ, didn't even bat an eye. The funny part is that, just like with his toddler bed, he still sleeps sideways on top of his pillow, right along the top of the bed. All this extra room to spread out and he still sleeps in his little cozy spot.

We left the floor cushions out in case he falls out while he's getting used to things. They're also a great place for reading books. It's still looking a little plain over here, but I'm hoping some bedding and artwork will spiff things up. And I'm happy with the amount of space left between the bed & the dresser, I was afraid it would be too tight but there's a good amount of play space.

And over on the other wall is the newly painted bookcase and his workbench. And still more room to play. :) And yes, I need to find a new spot for his little red mirror.

Here's the full corner over there. Please note the string of Christmas lights and the gold star ornament I missed when I packed up the decorations back in January. I haven't gotten the boxes back out to put them away yet. Go me.

So we're making progress, and so far B is 100% on board. He even thinks the floor cushions are a great place to park his bike!

Cheeseball, in the house! He's wearing swim trunks. We got the wading pool out last week and he's been wearing trunks almost 24/7 ever since.

Aaaand he's off. Boy's got places to go.

Anyone else upgrading a nursery this spring?


  1. Love it. Where did you get the bed? I'm upgrading my 3 year old from toddler to big boy bed this summer.

    1. It was a hand-me-down from my in-laws, but they got it at Ikea. It's this one ( and the tent comes separately. :)