Monday, June 3

B's Bookcase Makeover

It's June, guys, and ohmygoodness we have a baby due at the end of July. That's next month!!! So we're chipping away at B's new big boy room, hoping to knock it out before then. With the help of a few babysitters/furniture movers a couple weekends ago, I managed to get his book case repainted! If you remember, it used to be this less-than-spectacular black & blue.

I wanted to make sure I got good coverage over the black (especially since it's semi gloss) so I started with a primer. I went with a spray primer because it would be fast, easy, and cheap. I think it was around $6. I recruited a very helpful sister to do the spraying for me so my pregnant self wouldn't have to do it. Thanks sister!

Once that dried, I used a small foam roller to paint the the bookcase and shelves (and an angle brush to get the cracks & corners). I used Olympic's Parakeet Pete from my inspiration pallet. I tried the Olympic ONE paint this time with the built-in primer (even though I already primed it. I wanted to be sure!) and I was really happy with it! It had great coverage and a smooth finish. I just had to touch up a few places after the first coat. I bought a quart for about $12 and have about half left over.

I left it in the garage for a few days to cure to make sure it wouldn't get scratched up too fast by a certain little boy. Aaaaaand... I forgot to take a picture before we loaded it back up with toys. So here it is back to work. Looking fun and cheery and ready for play.

It's a great new look for our free-hand-me-down bookcase. And it didn't break the bank at a total of $18 for paint and primer. I love the kind of smokey bluish green and I can't wait for the rest of the room to catch up!


  1. Good job! Looks so much more cheerful especially for a little boys room.