Wednesday, July 17


Last weekend was one of the few times this summer I've really hit the yard sales. And I have the.... well, stuff.... to show for it. I went with my mom & sisters to a neighborhood sale and a church rummage sale. Of all of it, I didn't find one single place selling 3T clothes. Boo. But I did find some other goodies.

$1.00 - two necklaces. Just 'cause they're pretty.
$2.50 - little boy baseball glove (still a little big, but he doesn't seem to mind)

$7.00 - camp stove. Next time we go camping we will have a backup plan and hopefully avoid our fire pit fiasco.

$1.00 - fire trucks to make a little boy smile... or stick out his tongue, I guess. :)

$2.00 - camp grill

$7.00 - a jacket, two tanks, and four wool sweaters (these will be cut up to make diaper covers. I hope)

$1.00 - two more tanks and a pair of 4T shorts. Is that called over-preparing?

$5.00 - four shirts for the husband and two sets of drawer organizers (I've already filled them with little boy socks and baby things)

$2.00 - another jacket for me

$1.00 - we hit a $1/bag rummage sale and I came home with all this for just a dollar! A basket, makeup bag, red tote, two pairs of jeans that may or may not fit, another jacket (apparently I was feeling cold that day? and my new theme seems to be navy + white!), and a long sleeve t.

For all the B fans, here is is playing "ock-ey" with one of his aunties. This boy lives to be outside. But when it comes to clothes he can take them or leave them.

And for all the baby #2 fans, here he/she is at 38 weeks! Grow, baby, grow!

Anyone else been hitting the yard sales? What did you find?

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