Wednesday, July 3

Yard Sale Catch-Up

I've been really good this summer, guys. Most of the time I've been totally sticking to my guns, searching through yard sales for the things I really need and leaving behind anything else. Which means I've been mostly snatching up any 3T little boy clothes I can find.

Well, any I can find for around $0.50 a piece. I know in my area there are plenty of people who sell kids clothes that cheap and if I'm patient I'll find everything I need for a super-steal! I figure B will probably move up to that size this winter so I'm trying to stock up now rather than have to buy new clothes later.

It's been a slow process so far - it turns out 3T is kind of hard to come by! But piece by piece I'm getting there. I'm still looking for a few more things, but there's still a lot of summer left.

I've also been keeping my eye open for any super-cute newborn clothes. We don't really need much since we saved a bunch of stuff from B, but I've picked up a few things. Especially girl things, just in case. :) But I also know B didn't fit newborn clothes very long so I'm trying to get a few 0-3 month things for girls too.

I also couldn't pass up some soft-soled baby shoes and boots (for $0.50 - $1.00)

Seriously guys, I've limited myself to that kind of shopping all summer. Until last weekend. When I kind of cracked like an egg. There were some really good sales! Here's what I ended up with:

$0.50 - brown purse

$3.00 - a large tote and two more purses. Oops. Bags are my favorite!

$0.50 - a scarf (what do you think? cool or weird? I can never tell!)

$10.00 - a Pottery Barn duvet cover set for the guest room. This was my big splurge so far this summer (my most expensive purchase and one we definitely don't need). It could be worse, right?

$1.50 - two books
$0.25 - garden tools
$0.25 - metal jars (I've been wanting some of this to try making lip balm!)

$1.00 - Thomas the train bathtub toys. These totally made a little boy's day. :)

$0.50 - a gardening book
$0.10 - bamboo skewers (for our camping trip)
$1.50 - two new games

$1.00 - wooden chess set. For my mister.

$0.50 - a "tiny vacuum" for a little boy who loves to help

$2.00 - an air pump (just what we need for our birthing pool! I was about to order one for $25!)

$0.50 - a comfy jersey skirt for the mama. That I promptly washed and put on. So you get this bonus shot of my 35-week baby belly. You're welcome.

That's it so far! I'm going to stay on the hunt for more little kiddie clothes until I find what I need. And *hopefully* not buy anything extra. I'm trying to DEclutter, after all. :)  If you want more yard sale goodies you can check out my past finds here, and info about my sale this year (and hosting your own sale!) here.

Have you found anything good this summer? Anything special you're on the hunt for?


  1. Good job staying firm! It is SO hard not to buy stuff we want or might need at garage sale prices! Especially with our little boy on tow. He knows he can't have every thing he wants, even if he uses his own money (he's almost 6) but when good stuff is .50 or less, it's hard to say no enough!

    Most of his clothes have come from garage sales too. It's much more fun to "shop the basement" when he needs the next size than to shop in a real store.

  2. hey I love your blog.. I've spent whole two days reading about your projects and all.. I have four year old son and I have lots of 3t stuff .. If u want I can send it to you..I've been thinking about sending it to VFW or something.. but since u r looking for this stuff I thought I should ask u first.. I live close by to princeton in NJ..

    1. Aww, thank you so much for the offer! I think I found enough to get us through. That was so thoughtful, though! :D