Tuesday, August 27

Painted Chairs

I've been planning to paint our dining room chairs since the day I bought them. Working on my typical timeline, it took me over a year to actually get it done. Seriously, guys, home improvement is a marathon around here. Nothing gets done in a hurry. :)

But back to my chairs.... I found these guys at a yard sale last year for just $5 each.

They golden yellowish color didn't do much for me, but I loved the shape right away and knew they had the potential to be great.

Once I got them home I didn't hate the color as much as I thought at first, but the finish was in pretty rough shape (that may be why they were so cheap) and after living with them for a year I was ready for something fresh.

I didn't get any painting pics - oops - but it was pretty simple. I started by roughing them up a bit with some sandpaper so the paint can get a good grip. Then I did two coats of primer (left over from our kitchen painting). I started with one but the wood was still bleeding through yellow so I did another to be safe. Then I followed that up with two coats of white paint (semi-gloss left over from our kitchen). Then I let them sit in the garage for several days to dry and cure before I brought them back in....

Not a bad looking pair, huh? I still love the shape, but they look so much more modern and bright now. Pay no attention to the legos on the floor. Boy's gotta play.

So far I think it's a great improvement to our cozy little dining nook. Everything just seems less heavy and more open.

Of course that was only two chairs, and there are we are now a family of four. So, yes, I'm on the lookout for another pair. I know I won't find an exact match, so I'm just waiting for something that I like that will work well with this set. It may not even be a matching pair, just two more chairs (or maybe even a chair and a small bench for the back side?). Whatever I end up with, my plan is to paint them white as well so everything works together.

Until then we just pull up another random chair for B while we eat.

Although he prefers to sit on the table.

Speaking of B.... He's getting really god at legos. He likes making towers and trains. And when I said "Look at me, I'll take your picture!" he said "NOOO!" and collapsed in this pitiful little heap:

But he was more than happy to have his picture taken while he used an exercise mat to play peek-a-boo. Here's the hide:

And here's the peek:

We like him. :)

So, what have you painted lately? Anyone else tackled dining room furniture?

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