Thursday, November 21

Our Favorite Artist

We have a little Monet in the house. B had his first painting experience a few months ago making a father's day card for the daddy. The card turned out great, and the poster board I laid out underneath turned out just as good! I didn't want to throw it away, but I didn't know what to do with it....

Then a few days later we were checking out the Ikea as-is section and found these sweet 12x12" shadow boxes (with just a couple dings in the paint) for about $3 each. I picked one up thinking it would be a great way to showcase a bit of his artwork. Fortunately my very wise and helpful husband was there to remind me "if you don't get three, you'll regret it later." Good point.

When we got home I picked out my three favorite parts of the poster board to frame. I took the matte out of one of the frames and traced inside to mark the parts I wanted to keep.

Then I cut out the squares, leaving a little extra around my tracing lines.

Ready to frame!

I used a small piece of scotch tape to attach a print to the back of each matte. Then they were ready to hang! Of course... they sat on our desk for the last few months even though I knew exactly where I wanted them. WHY?! I don't know.

The the perfect spot was a space just the right size in our little "hallway." Affectionately known as "the place where all the doors go." And I'm happy to say they are finally home.

We actually just finished painting the hallway (the same color as the living room, thanks to some help from my dad!) and that gave me the motivation to finally get them up.

Just a couple quick nails nails and we were in business.

We love them. And B actually remembers painting them so when he walks by he says "Me made dat!" That kid is fantastic.

How do you display your kids' artwork? And how do you store any extras? Do you keep it all or just a few favorites?


  1. I love having my kid's artwork up in our house. I've mixed a few pieces into the gallery wall in our kitchen and then framed some to put up in their rooms. Other than those few, I discretely recycle most everything else they bring home since it adds up to so much paper everywhere.

  2. Oh yes, we do quite a bit of discrete recycling too. ;)