Saturday, February 15

Printable Clipboard Calendar

So... yeah... we're already halfway through February. And I just took down last years calendar. Oops. I finally got tired of not having one so I made one up in photoshop and printed it out. It was super cheap and I didn't even have to leave the house! And guess what? I made a printable version for anyone else who's late to the party! Or anyone who wants a calendar with a nice, clean look.

And yes, I included January even though it's over. I always use last years calendar to transfer over important dates so I wanted to make sure I had a January page to mark them all down on.

I wanted to keep it simple but fun so I just used different pretty colors for the fonts each month.

You can download the pages here, print them out, clip them onto a clipboard and you're good to go! If you want to hang it just make sure your clipboard has a hook on it.

Download the printable calendar here.

And... go ahead and flip to February. It's time. I just moved January to the back so it will still be there when I need to fill in next year's calendar.

And I hung it up in on the calendar nail in my kitchen. Although without the top page calendars usually have it's actually too high! Maybe by next year I'll move it down.

Anyone else late getting a calendar up this year?

And here is half the reason I'm so behind on things (and trust me, my reasons are totally worth it):

Hi guys! I'm just happy to be here!

Notice anything new? Captain two toofs!

I just wanna eat your face!

Kidding, I'm not gonna.

Psych! I'm totally gonna eat it!!!

Seriously. This boy. He's a keeper.

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