Monday, March 3

Patio Table Makeover

I'm still thinking about spring and all the fun things we can do when it warms up a little. Anyone else? I'm planning what to do in the garden, figuring out how to convince my husband the boys need a swingset, and thinking about how I can spiff up the patio some more... which reminded me we did a little face lift last year that I forgot to share. We gave our little patio table a face lift! This was the before, which I got at a yard sale for $3:

It used to have casters that had broken off before it came to me. But at another yard sale I found a pack for $0.25 and grabbed them just in case... and they fit perfectly! It just took a little tap with the hammer to drive them into the existing holes.

I wiped the table down, roughed it up a little with some sandpaper, and hit it with a light and uneven coat of spray primer. I ran out and didn't want to go buy more, so I rolled with it.

Once that dried I hit it with two coats of paint leftover from our from our front door makeover.

And it was done. Okay, the pictures didn't turn out so good, but it's a much happier table now and it really brightened up the patio!

That paired with a new planter from my mother-in-law had our patio looking fresh new. I can't wait to see it looking like that again! But for now I'm just trying to be thankful for our warm house, the amazing way the seasons work together, and yes, even all the snow (which I'm sure we'll be grateful for later, and for now Big Brother is loving it!).

What are you planning in the Spring? Patio makeover? Garden? Let me hear it!

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