Friday, March 7

PlayDoh Busy Bag

Big Brother has been loving our busy bags (see them all here) while we've been cooped up this winter. And this play dough bag is no exception! This one was so easy to make and he loves it. I picked a few printable pages from this site, ran them through our handy laminator, then punched holes on the top edge and used binder rings to hold them all together. I keep it in our busy bag bin with a couple jars of play dough.

There are tons of pages to choose from and I picked out something like 18 of them. After I printed them I lined up two pages back to back when I laminated them to make reversible sheets so I didn't waste any of the laminating pouches.

Some of the sheets I printed were the numbers, making eggs for the chicken (and giving it a nose), teeth for the crocodile, apples for the tree, carrots for the bunnies, and making faces. I LOVE watching him do the face one. It is so stinking funny how he interprets faces and what parts he thinks are important. Like mustaches. And sometimes he just needs eyebrows and we forget the eyes.

I'm pretty sure he said this is a big mustache. And the small dot above it is the tiny mouth. He may not be totally clear on where a mustache goes.

So that was a fun and easy busy bag to make. And I'm really glad we don't have carpet when he uses it. :) Now for extra cutes, Big Brother last summer playing with the Cranium play dough:

He always needs a knife for playdough.

Warming up.

Sometimes it helps to stand up. Better leverage?

How do you keep the kiddos entertained when you're stuck indoors?

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