Wednesday, December 3

Christmas Pinteresting - Old School Style

Before the days of pinterest... I was a magazine clipper. Every time I flipped through a Better Homes & Gardens, I would cut out my favorite ideas and stuff them in a binder. Where, of course, I rarely looked at them ever again! But a few weeks ago we were cleaning out the basement and I stumbled across a few Christmas clippings I collected them over the years. It turns out my Christmas taste hasn't changed much in that time because I still love most of them! So it seems only fitting to welcome a few favorites into the golden age of pinterest. These are the faves that made the cut:

This last one was kind of funny because I totally forgot about it, but it almost exactly matches the advent calender I made last year! I guess it was still hiding somewhere in the back of my mind!

I think one thing we learned here is that I need more white in my house. I'm always drawn to these bright, white spaces. Especially with some Christmas greenery in the mix!

Big Brother asked to do the "Just Say BOO!" audio book during rest time. He listened to it on repeat and cracked up every time!

How about you guys? Do you have a favorite inspiration picture for your decorating this year? Or a bunch of pictures with a feel you love?


  1. I found your blog last week and i have enjoyed looking back at all of your beautiful posts. I love all of the white too. we moved a year ago and I tried to make our house light and bright, but my three old told me the other day that our house needed some color. so our Christmas decorations added some color for her. i haven't really pinned much this year about Christmas because we got rid of lots decor when we moved and I am just enjoying the minimal look this year.

    1. Yep, that sounds like a three year old! :) Enjoy keeping it simple this year, sometimes less really is more!