Monday, December 22

How to fill a Christmas Eve Box

One of our favorite Christmas traditions with our boys is a Christmas Eve box (see our latest box here). It's pretty simple, just filled with new jammies, a new movie, and some yummy movie snacks. But ohmygoodness, they love it so much! We snuggle up in our new jammies and watch the movie before bed. This is what we have for our box this year.

Dinosaur jammies for Big Brother, and fox jammies for Little Brother (they are on sale!).

Monsters vs. Aliens movie (last year we went with Planes). We always try to plan ahead and get something cheap when we find a sale, black Friday is a great chance to get a cheap movie if you're up to it!

Popcorn! We like stove-popped, but microwave popcorn works just as well for the box! We got this organic popcorn from Amazon.

Hot chocolate mix is always a big hit. We make this homemade mix that's just cocoa, sugar, and a pinch of salt. So easy and so yummy!

And of course marshmallows. One of Big Brother's favorite treats ever, so we need them in the Christmas Eve box! We make these homemade as well to avoid high fructose corn syrup and other things we don't like to eat. They are actually pretty easy and made with real gelatin... so practically health food, right? :) We put in a small jar and he can just have the jar to eat or dip in his hot chocolate or whatever.

This is a peek in our box from last year:


 Do you do a Christmas Eve box? What's going in yours this year?

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