Sunday, October 4

So Blue Dresser Makeover

A few weeks ago we asked for help deciding on a finish for our latest furniture makeover project... and we're happy to report it's finished! The winning vote was for navy blue paint and, guys, it turned out so. pretty.

*flashback* We started with this $10 find:

The finish was pretty rough so we started by sanding it all down. We used a coarse sandpaper first and then went over it again once more with a fine paper. The dresser is built really well, but it had a wood veneer so we had to be careful not to sand too deep and go all the way through the thin veneer.

You can really see how rough it was in the next pic. The part on the left is sanded.

The resulting wood grain was so pretty we thought about staining or clear coating it.

But when we put the drawers back in we realized we had a rouge drawer. Not cool, drawer.

That made the decision to paint much easier. I picked out the blue I wanted and headed to the store... and when I got there I panicked that it would be too dark and bought a shade lighter instead. I went home and painted a coat. It was so. bad. So bad. So much regret. So I ended up grabbing some leftover paints from the basement and mixing my own darker blue using what I had bought. Why, Georgia? Why didn't you just buy the good one? Anyway, it turned out MUCH better with the new color. We added some new knobs and were left with this beauty:

We went with knobs from Lowe's that were a mix of oil rubbed bronze and a creamy ceramic. I can tell you right now, few things are more frustrating than buying a super cheap dresser only to turn around and drop a small fortune on new knobs. And we even bought some of the cheapest ones they had! So we spent $10 on the dresser and $45 on the knobs. *cry* But at least it's pretty, right?

Then we finished it off by lining the drawers with contact paper. I thought about doing different bright colors in each drawer, but when we came across this simple white & gray pattern at wal-mart it just seemed right.


Simple, clean and pretty. And a single roll that cost only $5 was juuuust enough to line all 6 drawers!

Once it was done, it took us almost no time to fill all the drawers. Most are packed with baby clothes, burp cloths, and other baby goodies. The left over drawer inherited some of husbands extra clothes so his drawers can be a little more organized (and we'll have even more extra space once we see if baby is a boy or girl, since we have a drawer for each at the moment).

We switched things up a little and put the dresser up in our room instead of in the boys' room. We figured it made more sense since the baby will be up there with us for quite a while, plus it means more room to play in the boys' room.

Now we can check one thing off my nesting list. Next on the agenda- replacing cloth diaper elastic. That one doesn't sound like as much fun. :)

But before we start that fun little project... the boys found a butterfly!

Anyone else tackled a furniture makeover project lately? Or working your way through a random pregnancy-induced nesting list?

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