Monday, October 17

Bringing in Fall (on a Budget!)

We rounded out our fall decorating this week with a few budget-friendly finds I couldn't wait to share! It's still pretty low key (we're Christmas decorators at heart) but we definitely managed to bring in a little fall, and did it without breaking the bank.

The first thing you need to know is Aldi has their pumpkins on sale for $2 this week. $2. For these huge pumpkins. We bought several for inside and outside. We flanked the fireplace and put one pumpkin up in the boys' room.

Up on the mantle we have the DIY "thankful" banner we made for free (tutorial here) and added a few mini pumpkins (a bag of four was $3 at Aldi. They also have the best prices on apple cider. Aldi is the place to be for Fall!).

I was also looking for some kind of greenery that would be a little more fall-ish for the mantle. I was hoping to find cotton stems (like these) but I couldn't find them locally and I didn't want to pay shipping. But I thought leafy branches would be a little more fall-ish than the houseplant I had up there. These were on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby and were only $2.50 each. They also had red & orange fall leaf stems if that's more your speed.

You could also snip a few fall branches around the yard to bring in, and that would be totally free! I found this fall pretty growing in one corner of our yard. I think they are rose hips? But they were thorny so I haven't grabbed any yet.

The only other place we decorated was our front porch with two more pumpkins and a few mums. (plus our summer flowers that are still blooming in the large pots).

The mums came from Costco and were $13 for a pack of four. I haven't found anywhere to beat that price!

P.s. I also found some great evergreen stems at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and couldn't resist. They'll be up on the mantle soon enough!

So that's it for our simple & affordable fall decorating! A few $2 pumpkins, $3.25 mums, and a free fall banner.

How are you decorating for fall? What's for favorite budget-friendly tip? If you post photos anywhere, drop a link in the comments!

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