Wednesday, December 14

Custom Book Ornament DIY

We love coming up with fun Christmas traditions for our little family, and one of my favorites has been making an ornament for our kids each year to commemorate some of their favorite things. Our biggest boy is only five, but we already love pulling his ornaments out every year and remembering some of the funny little phases he's gone through.

It started when he was a baby and he loved - LOVED - a little green block. So for his first Christmas we found a duplicate block, made an ornament, and named it his Christmas Pickle. It was super easy (you can see how we made it here) and we decided it needed to be a yearly tradition! Since then we've added things like wooden train tracks and a stuffed monkey. Last Christmas he was really into Magic Treehouse books and we were reading through them as fast as we could get our hands on them, so a book ornament seemed like the perfect thing!

I added the first Growly book in 2018. We loved this series!

And 2019 was such a good year, we couldn't choose and had to make two ornaments! We made ornaments for both the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Wingfeather Saga books which we totally loved and highly recommend!

These ornaments are so much fun to make! Here's how I did it:

I ordered a set of small wooden books on etsy (here) and did my best to copy the front of the first book with a pencil.

Then I painted it to match. Close enough, right? You can do this with any book your kids are digging!

This is actually his ornament for last year because, in the midst of moving, we didn't get any ornaments made. Boo. We've been doing our best to remember what they liked last year so we can catch up.

Once the book dried I sprayed it with a clear sealer and added a small eye hook to the top (you can get a small pack of them for like a dollar at Lowe's). BOOM. One ornament down.

We're still working on a plan for the other two boys for last year, but for this year we're doing Lego mini-figs for the big boys and a small whisk from Ikea for the baby who loves to empty my kitchen drawers to find the whisk. We'd love to hear what you make!