Monday, April 3

My BFF (hint: it's in the laundry room)

I have a new best friend. A friend who cleans up messes, washes paint brushes, and catches dirty laundry. She lives in the laundry room.

It's my utility sink! I am a firm believer that any household with little children needs a utility sink. I need a nice big tub to soak muddy pants, wash muddy shoes (we have a lot of mud), and pre-soak stained clothes. Did I mention little children? We lived here several months without one, but between running all the way to the kitchen to treat a stain and soaking things in the bathtub, it was time.

We bought the sink at Home Depot and found a great all-in-one kit with sink, pull-out faucet, and drain parts all together for just $99. It saved quite a bit over buying those pieces separately. We also found a rocking horse.

And stumbled across Home Depot craft day. They do free woodworking crafts the first Saturday of every month!

Back home, we knew this was the perfect place for a sink because it was right by the washer and... there had already been a sink here at some point. All the connections were already in the floor and had just been capped. So we uncapped them and plugged our new sink right in to the water lines and drain. Super easy. I can say that because husband was laying on the floor connecting them while I complained I was hungry.

There is enough space beside it for the ironing board and cloth diaper pail, and I love that the faucet pulls out to rinse larger items.

It also gave us a great place to hang things to dry. We just popped up a shower curtain tension rod with a few hangers.

I added some fancy handsoap and a cute little plant. To make laundry feel a little more cheerful. I don't know if it's working.

We gave up a little bit of wiggle room by the washer, but I'd say the trade-off has been well worth it. I'm using the sink even more than I expected to... thanks to the little hooligans that keep finding things for me to clean.

Have you made any simple upgrades with a big pay-off?

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