Wednesday, October 18

Floor Desk Series Intro

Welcome to floor desks! This is the third phase in our DIY desk building series and I'm so excited about these! I'll tell you what, there are all kinds of desks out there and even quite a few standing desk, but when you start searching for a floor desk? The pickings are pretty slim. Believe it or not, the benefits of a floor desk can actually be pretty similar to those of a standing desk. It's great to get your legs and hips out of their usual position and moving around! If you're interested in reading more about this and other ways to get more movement in your workday, check out the book Don't Just Sit There. And read anything else by Katy Bowman:

And when you're ready to give a floor desk a try, this is a great place to get started! Here are a few tips for building and using your floor desk:
  •  Make it the right height. The floor desks in this series are all drawn with a knee-space 12" high. You need space for your knees without putting your keyboard too high. If you're particularly tall or short, you may want to do some measuring to get a good fit. Sit down a measure from the floor to your elbows to get a good idea of your keyboard height, but also measure to the top of your knees to make sure your legs will fit! If you plan to sit on a cushion or bosu, sit on it while you measure.
  • Keep it safe for the kids. The low height of these desk makes them very accessible to children! So think carefully about everything you will put in an on the desk to avoid sharp objects, choking hazards, and anything you don't want broken. 
  • Ease into it. Not used to a floor work station? Don't ditch your standard desk just yet. You might need to go back and forth for a while while you adjust.
  • Don't just sit down there. Just like standing still or sitting in a chair all day, sitting still on the ground all day isn't going to be that beneficial for you either. Use this chance to move your legs, stretch your calves, and change position often.  
Here are the quick links to all the floor desks we'll be building, followed by tips for modifying a few other plans in the series to standing-height (don't forget to check out the rest of the desk building series):

Floor Desk Plans

These links will start going up tomorrow, but for today we'll be looking at all the other desks in this series that can easily be altered to create a standing desk, plus one other super easy floor desk idea.

Adapt by Shortening the Legs:

Adapt by Mounting Lower on the Wall:

And One More...
Just for a minute let's talk about Katy Bowman's floor desk up at the beginning of this post. Because it's beautiful and easy and I love it. A vintage coffee table (or a vintage table with the legs cut down to height) also makes a perfect, one-of-a-kind floor desk!

Happy Building! (And don't forget to check out the rest of the series!)

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