Tuesday, November 14

DIY Christmas Tree Signs (like Joanna Gaines'!)

Confession: Joanna Gaines is my BFF.

Confession #2: She miiiiiight not know it. Yet.

But I think we all know there's no-one like her when it comes to design. And her Christmas decor? A--ma--zing. One of my favorite things is the vintage "Christmas Trees for Sale" sign in her kitchen. MY sister-in-law and I loved it so much, we used it as inspiration for one of our sister craft nights! And now you can make your own, too.

Ours are quite a bit smaller than the original, which makes them easier to fit in if you don't have a large wall to fill. Plus easier to store in the off-season!

Here's all you need:
  • a piece of wood 25" x 8" (my SIL brought plywood scraps that were already primed on one side)
  • red paint
  • green paint
  • white paint - optional (our boards were primed and I didn't paint mine any more than that)
  • the template  (it includes options for single trees like the original, or the groups of three that we used)
Start by printing out the template. For my printer, when the print screen pops up I can click the "poster" option and it will automatically break up the image and print out all three sheets. Tape the pieces together.

Now you can start copying the design onto your board. I didn't take pictures as we went, but we used the same technique as these wooden signs. Turn the paper upside-down and color around the edges of the words and trees with a pencil like this:

Flip the paper right-side up and center it over your board. Tape it down so it doesn't wiggle. Use a pen to trace the words and trees. Push hard to make sure the pencil transfers to your board. You'll end up with a faint outline like this:

Fill in the outlines with acrylic paint (or paint pens).

That's it! You can also rough it up with sandpaper if you want a more distressed/vintage feel.

This was one of my favorite craft nights! I can't tell you enough how much you need to have a craft night. Especially with Christmas coming up! It's a great time to make decor, handmade gifts, even try a new Christmas cookie recipe. You can read more about our craft nights, and see the wooden ornaments we hand-painted here.

My SIL displayed her sign on the mug rack in her dining room (which has black walls and they are wonderful). You should check her out on Instagram as Clay and Dust because her house is beautiful and you won't be sorry.

And if you want more hand-painted Christmas sign goodness, my sister and I actually free-hand painted Christmas signs a few years ago that are still one of my favorite parts of my decor!

You can read all about it and see all the signs here. And check out my sister's blog and say a little pray for my niece Ramona here.

Check out all our Christmas projects and goodies here:

And one last thing from another sister craft night in the fall - another sign-painting night! You can make just about any sign you want with this same technique. This night we both wanted signs, but with very different designs, so we each printed what we wanted and got together to trace and paint them. Although our husbands will want you to know... this may have overflowed into a three night event to finish them. I have no regrets.

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