Thursday, October 20

Day 20 - Making Room

Our house is about 1200 square feet of living space. It's great for the size of our family but sometimes it's nice to spread out a little, especially when we have guests. So today we'll take a peek at some of the ways we've squeezed a little more living space into our home without adding any square footage.

The first thing we did was look outside. Our house came with a great patio off the garage, so we've been working on making it into a great, livable space for the warmer months (which are just about passed for this year. boo!). We started by building this great sectional seating unit. It gave us tons of comfy seating out there and made it a great place to hang out. We also have some Christmas lights strung up around the ceiling that are really fun at night.

It's great to have an outdoor space to lounge in the the summer, especially since Baby is and outdoor boy already! We still have plans to make the patio even more functional as an extension of our home (although they'll probably be waiting until next year). We want to do things like add a coffee table, add a couple more seats, get our grill fixed, install more permanent lighting, extend the patio a few feet to safely accommodate the grill, plant a garden nearby, and add some art/decor. So we definitely have a ways to go, but it's off to a great start!

The other place we're finding more space is in our basement. We're working on putting in a bar & family room down there. It's another project that is still looking rough, but we're making some definite progress. You can see all of our plans and progress so far here.We have pretty much everything we need for the bar, and just need a good weekend of work to get it together. My dad & husband got the cabinets installed last weekend so we're just waiting for some plumbing and wiring help from my mom before we go any further.

It will be great to have this extra living space that we can use year round (unlike the patio) and it will be nice to get the basement finished off so we can use the space for entertaining and housing guests.

So those are just a few ways we're adding square footage without actually adding any...well...square footage. :)

How about you? Have you ever looked beyond traditional living spaces for hidden potential? What ways have you found to add living space in (or around) your home and make the most of the space you have?


  1. Hi Georgia,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for my 31 days. I LOVE your topic! There's always hidden potential, in homes and in people too:) I'll be back again soon!

  2. I agree. :) Thanks for stopping by!