Wednesday, June 12

Cloth Diapers - Newborn Style

You guys probably missed me talking about cloth diapers, huh? ;)  Well today I'm tackling what I think goes into cloth diapering a newborn!

You may remember that for B we used disposable for the first couple months until he finally fit into his one-size diapers (you can read all about our cloth diapering adventures here, here, here, and here). This time I'm trying to build up a stash of newborn & small sized diapers to get us through until baby #2 can fit into B's old diapers. I'm doing it as cheaply as I know how, buying mostly second hand diapers, and I think we'll still come out ahead of disposables because diapers have a pretty good resale value so I should be able to make back most of what I've paid when we're done.

Now, let the record show that I've never done this before so I don't really know what we'll like or how many we'll need, so I'm just trying to prepare with a mix of things. At least we'll have a better idea if we need to do something different next time! So let's take a look at all the tiny baby cuteness....


One of the cheaper diapering options in general is to used waterproof covers with fitted or prefold diapers. So that's how most of our stash is made up so far. The nice thing about covers is they can be reused a couple times before washing. So far I have four Thirsties Duo Wrap covers. I like these because they are size adjustable using the snaps down the front, so they can grow with baby! Two are hand-me-downs from B, and I bought the other 2 off a friend for $8 each.

I also picked up two newborn size Prowrap covers for $5 each.

And so far my splurge for baby has been these two custom newborn covers from Dippee Dypees. They are hands down the cutest diapers I have ever seen *drool*. The only thing is that they are also the smallest diapers I have ever seen - so tiny! Now I'm wondering if I made a bad choice and should have gone with a size small instead. I don't seem to have super tiny babies, after all. Only time will tell! Anyway, these cutesy covers were $10 apiece.

Fitteds are diapers that don't have a waterproof layer built in (this is what makes them cheaper than some other diapers). From what I hear they contain newborn blowouts pretty well since they are contoured like a regular diaper (vs. a prefold - we'll get to those) and you can use the same cover a couple times in a row if the fitteds do their job. So far I have 3 PJ's Monkey Butt newborn fitteds that I bought used $10 for all three.

Plus four Organic Caboose newborn fitteds, bought used for $5 each.

And three Kissaluvs size 0 fitted bought used for $3 each because they need the elastic replaced. Another reason to get my serger going. :)

I've also been taking a swing at making some fitteds of my own. So far I've used the free pattern, but I also found Arfy's newborn pattern that I want to make a few of in case the fit is different. Both of these patterns are great because they are newborn/small size, meaning they have two rows of snaps so they can fit baby longer. None of these have the absorbent soakers yet, though... did I mention my serger already? I'll get on that....

Other Stuffs

Prefolds - these were all I had when B was tiny and they were not my favorite.  But I've since found out I was folding them wrong, so I'm giving them one more chance. I had the 6 natural color ones left over from B, and added the three white ones for $1/each from a local consignment store. The two snappi's I got for free, and I have one more left from B, too.

Fleece liners - I have 5 of these left from B. These are used on top of the prefolds to give them a stay-dry feel. If #2 finds that important I'll need to get some more. But B didn't seem to mind either way, and I changed him all. the. time. so he was never wet for long anyway.

Extended Tab Prefold - works like a prefold, but it's cuter and the wings make it easier to fold. This one was from Dippee Dypees, I think it was like $6 during a prefold sale. I bought it like a year and a half ago because it was so cute and cheap. Just to be prepared. ;)

 All-in-One's - I bought five used Blissful Booty AIO's for $5/each. They should be super user friendly for when were out and about or for a babysitter... ha. Because there is no way we are too cheap for baby sitters.... These are actually size small instead of newborn, so I don't know how much difference there will be in the fit.

Flats - these are just flour sack towels from dollar tree. The are a crazy cheap way to cloth diaper. I have four or five left over from B.

1 wool cover, also a B hand-me-down. Although I was too lazy to actually use it for him... maybe this time.

That brings my total stash to:
  • 8 covers
  • 15 fitteds
  • 9 prefolds (plus 3 snappi's and 5 fleece liners)
  • 1 winged prefold
  • 5 All-in-One's
  • 5 flats
  • 1 wool cover
My total cost for newborn diapers (not counting hand-me-down's from B) is $122. And I know I'll be able to make a good part of that back when I'm done as long as I take care of them. Woot! I'm sure there will be a learning curve here so I'll be able to make better choices the next time around. These diapers that are all labeled "newborn" have such a big size range that I have no idea what will fit when or for how long. So hopefully there is enough to get me by until the one-size diapers fit (I'm going to try adding another set of rise snaps to my OS dipes to see if they will fit sooner this time).

That's it for my tiny newborn stash. But I also have a few other new goodies for baby #2. A one-size Dr Suess cover, and a one-size all-in-two with rainbow snaps for him/her to grow into. Both of these were prizes I won at the Great Cloth Diaper change. If you're a cloth diaperer, you should totally check it out next year. Lots of swag and raffles!

All these other goodies came in my swag bag, too.

And I won this hybrid fitted in a Dippee Dypees giveaway! So yes, all of #2's new big kid diapers have been free. But we don't technically need anymore, so I can't really justify buying any. ;)

When this came in the mail B said "Yay! Baby!" and insisted on having his picture taken with it. Then this face happened.

That's about the extent of our preparations for baby #2. What else do you need for a second baby? We pretty much kept everything from B, so we feel pretty well prepared. Stuff-wise. Not necessarily parenting wise. Yikes. :)  We just know it will be a big adjustment for us and for this gorgeous big-brother-to-be.

If anyone else has cloth diapered a newborn, I would LOVE to hear any insight or tips! Or any general advice for adding a second baby to the family! Geronimo!


  1. In my opinion for a newborn the best is the thicker inexpensive gerber prefolds from Target used with a snappy and prowrap covers. (sorry i dont remember ply- it's been over 5 years) Also, unless you plan on washing a load every half day you'll need more....

  2. I'm glad I have some prowraps to try! :) It's funny you mention the gerber prefolds, though, because a friend told me specifically not to buy them. Hmmmm.
    I'm worried about running out too! How many did you have? At this point I may just have to see what happens and do better next time. :)

  3. How did you replace the elastic on the kissaluvs? I have a serger too but don't know how to do it

    1. Hi! I actually didn't end up replacing it. :/ My babies were big enough I couldn't use half the newborn diapers I had collected, so I decided to sell most of the fitteds and go with prefolds. Sorry!