Monday, June 10

The Circus is Coming to Town!

We kept B out past his bedtime... to go to the circus! It was a small, indoor circus, but still. It was a circus, guys! We weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, so all our pics are from the petting zoo. But there are some real gems in there! So yes, this is entirely pics of B.

"Excuse me, Beffy, but this sheep is looking at my foot. Make it stop."

B is either talking or looking away in ALL the pictures. He was too stinkin' excited.

"Hello llama! I like your nose!"

"Oooooohhhhh." (in a deep baby voice)

During intermission we had his picture taken with a monkey (it's a polaroid, I'll try to scan it later). He wouldn't actually touch it, so daddy held him and the monkey. When we got back to our seats he was telling us all about it, so I guess he enjoyed it more than we thought. :)

And while we're on B, here are a few non-circus goodies.

Just a little Yoda, free-stylin' in the kitchen.

He named this RedWings Mr. Potato Head "hockey baby" and tucked it in with some tools. He's practicing to be a big brother.

Then he decided to nap with the hockey baby, in his favorite comfy spot.

Aaaaand... rocking the hockey baby.

He's a liiiittle bit ticklish. This was his last picture with big curls before his haircut. His second haircut in two years. Boy doesn't have much hair. He's all clean cut in the circus pics!

Sweeter than ice cream.

What memories are you guys making this summer?

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