Monday, July 22

31 Day Series Planner {free printable!}

Has anyone else done a month-long series before? I've jumped in on the Nester's link up in October the last couple years (2012 and 2011) and I'm hoping to make it again this year. But with a tiny baby around I know I'll need to do some serious planning to actually make it happen. So I made up this planning guide to help me organize my ideas, schedule, and post details.

And the best part is... I made it printable. So you can start planning too!

Choose a topic or title for your series, use the calendar to schedule a specific post or topic for each day of the month, and use the check box to mark when a post is totally ready to go so you know at a glance what still needs work.

Brainstorm all your post ideas (list as many as you can think of and choose your favorites) and keep track of any other notes.

The rest of the pages have a breakdown of each day where you can record a post title and any other details you want to include in your post. You can also record the costs of any projects and track your progress (check the boxes when you start a draft, have pictures uploaded, and have the post completed and scheduled).

Put it all in a spiffy folder to keep your thoughts together.

I put the planning guide on one side and plan to use the other side to corral and sketches or receipts that are part of the series.

So we'll see if I pull this off by October. If not maybe I'll just start my own series tradition in January or something. :)

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