Saturday, July 20

Ready and Waiting?

Should we be doing something? I mean, sure, I have a crazy list of cleaning/organizing/building projects I want to frantically finish up before baby gets here, but should we be doing any, you know, baby things?

We took B shopping to pick out some outfits for new baby.

The tiny clothes & diapers are all washed and ready to go.

We have all our birth supplies together and we're testing the pool today.

The bassinet is set up in our room.

And all my nursing things are gathered together.

We have a few crockpot meals stored up in the freezer.

We're doing our best to prep B by taking care of his baby doll, talking about when the baby gets here, and watching birth movies.

And I even made ring sling for wearing new baby (I'm planning to make a doll version for B, thanks for the tip!). Tutorial coming soon. :)

Really, is that it? Is there anything else we're supposed to be doing??

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