Friday, February 13

Thrifting Sisters

You guys know I love a great deal and yard sales & thrift stores are some of my favorite shopping grounds. I can easily overspend and buy a bunch of stuff we don't need just because everything is so. cheap. I've actually had to work a lot the last couple years to cut back and really only buy things we need (which resulted in very little yard sale shopping last summer because we didn't need anything besides bigger clothes for the boys). But one weekend I went thrifting with my sisters and found some great deals that were a mix of useful and fun! Starting with a whole pile of books that were $0.25 each. These are books I read when I was younger that I'm so excited to have stashed away for our boys. And TWO Indian in the Cupboard books?! It was a good day for books.

Next were a set of vintage glass Welch's jars for $0.50 each. We had one with the Lion King I inherited from my grandma and Big Brother loved using it as a cup. And I loved that he was drinking out of glass instead of plastic (is plastic such a big deal? I honestly have no idea. We're playing the "just in case" game). So when I stumbled across these I bought the whole set of about 18. We've already broken one (the beloved Miss Piggy that is still mourned occasionally) so hopefully 18 is enough!

This last one is more "want" than "need" but it's something I would probably have bought anyway. It's a mix of small ceramic cups, votives, and pots that were $0.10 - $0.50 each. There's a reason, I promise.  

I've been loving the succulents on our kitchen windowsill, and even add a couple more plants in glass jars I found at a yard sale last summer. I've been wanting to add more around the house, but the little guys cost a few bucks apiece (ouch) plus I would need more pots. But then I found out you can propagate your own succulents to grow more succulents. FOR FREE. Suddenly I was keeping my eyes open a little wider for small succulent-worthy pots. And at about $1.50 total, these guys fit the bill just fine.

This one on the left is my very first ever succulent who has held on strong through three years of me killing most other plants. I don't know how he made it. But he's growing out of control and needs a good cut-back. Plus my aloe plant has some more little baby aloes popping up that can be moved out. So, my dear plants, I thank you for your service and I'm sorry if I accidentally kill you in the process. Really. I hope you make it.

What's your best thrift store find?

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