Tuesday, March 3

DIY Nightstand Series

You guys, we are so excited about this new series! You know we love building furniture and sharing plans with you, but you probably noticed we haven't been doing it much recently. And we really missed it. So we've spent the last couple weeks putting together this series full of fun, brand new plans!

Our theme for the series is DIY Nightstands. Let's face it, we all need nightstands. But we tend to neglect them for some reason! This series is a great chance for you to reclaim your bedside space in a way that is stylish, functional, and just right for you. Nightstands in general are pretty compact, which also means they are relatively cheap. Plus most of them are very simple to build. We'll be tackling different shapes, styles, and sizes each day. There is sure to be something just perfect for your bedroom (although many of our plans also work great as living room end tables, or can be sized up for a small console or entry table!). While you're at it you can make a matching set for both sides, or mix and match for a pair that is uniquely yours.

For the next 18 days, we will be posting one new plan everyday to help you build your perfect nightstand from the ground up. New to building? This is a great place to start. Small, simple, affordable, and an easy way to make a impact in your space.

Once each day's post goes live, you can click the image below to go directly to that day's plan. Happy building!

DIY Nightstand Day 1 DIY Nightstand Day 2 DIY Nightstand Day 3
DIY Nightstand Day 4 DIY Nightstand Day 5 DIY Nightstand Day 6
DIY Nightstand Day 7 DIY Nightstand Day 8 DIY Nightstand Day 9
DIY Nightstand Day 10 DIY Nightstand Day 11 DIY Nightstand Day 12
DIY Nightstand Day 13 DIY Nightstand Day 14 DIY Nightstand Day 15
DIY Nightstand Day 16 DIY Nightstand Day 17 DIY Nightstand Day 18
Traditionally the top of a nightstand should be even with the top of your mattress. Of course all our beds are different heights, but most of our plans can be easily adapted to your bed height by adjusting the length of the legs. And don't forget, the beauty of DIY is that you can totally customize it, so if you prefer your nightstands higher than your mattress go for it!

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your nightstand by swapping in a set of legs. We've been loving the mid century modern vibe of slender, tapered legs and have had success finding them on Etsy, eBay, and even Lowes. For a low nightstand you could even do bun feet!

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