Monday, December 21

DIY Paper Sack Christmas Stars

Hey peeps, I've got a super easy Christmas craft for you today! We're going to make these giant paper Christmas stars: 

And the best part? This project only takes about 10 minutes and costs only $1.00! It's a great way to make a big impact with limited time and budget, and it's super fun to do with any kids who are able to use scissors on their own. We've been hanging these all over our house this week!

Here's all you need to make your own:

  • 7-8 paper lunch sacks (you can usually get a pack of 40 at Dollar Tree!)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • string or yarn (you might be able to find string at Dollar Tree, too!)

Start by cutting off the top of one bag straight across (see #2 below) to get rid of the notch at the top. Then cut the top into a point (see #3 below). You can also try cutting the top into other shapes to get a different look - try rounding it or cutting a stair-step pattern! You can also add notches along the sides (see the arrow below) to create little windows like the star I made above).

Use that first bag as a pattern to cut out seven more matching bags (try to keep the bottom flap facing up for all the bags).

Once they are all cut, you're ready to glue them together! Squeeze a line of hot glue right along the middle of the first bag:

 Then stack another bag directly on top. 

Continue this process - a line of glue down the middle, then stack another bag on top - until you have seven bags in your stack (you'll have one leftover for now). 

Now stop here for a moment and let's test your star! Carefully pull the top and bottom bags around to see what your star will look like:

You want the ends to reach together without tearing, but you want it to be snug without too much excess. If it doesn't quite reach, fold the stack back up and add that eighth bag. If you use the right number, you'll have a nice crisp star like the one on the left below. But if you use too many, the excess kind of sags to the bottom and you'll have a messier looking star like the one on the right:


Also keep in mind that if your bags are different than mine, you might need a different amount to get a good-looking star. Smaller bags might require more (since they won't open as far) while larger bags might require less. Just remember to test your star along the way and stop when you hit that sweet spot!

Once you have the perfect size star, you're ready to finish it off. Fold your star back into a stack for a moment and add a line of hot glue down the center of the top bag, then open the star up and use that glue to stick the last bag to the first bag and complete your star! Press it together firmly so it holds, but be careful not to burn yourself!

You're done! Try making a few more in different shapes and patterns - they look great when they are hung in groups! You can also try cutting off more from the top of your bags when you start to make smaller stars.

To hang your star, just punch a hole near the top of one of the points and thread a piece of string or ribbon through.

So far we've hung all of ours in front of windows - they are so pretty with the light coming through!

You can try this with other bags, too! Try white lunch sacks or red lunch sacks, or try different sizes of sacks to make smaller or larger stars. Just remember to test how many bags you need if you're using a different size.

Have fun hanging them everywhere! They would also make a great photo backdrop for a wedding or Christmas party. 

Anyone else squeezing in some last-minute Christmas fun this week?



  1. Who knew paper sacks could be beautiful?

  2. Hi, this is a lovely idea! I have similar bought goldstars that I in front of my Windows every year. They store very easily as you can folk them back; I wonder if this could work with the papier stars as well : instead of being held together by glue, they have their string to hang attached a bit below the tip on one side, and a reinforced hole at the same height on the other, opposite side. You just open your star, slip the string through the hole and hang them: this pulls the opening closed. In case it doesn’t close completely, you could probably place a couple of pieces of adhesive tape rolled up and placed opposite of each other to help (and to be able to open them again)

    1. That is a great idea! I'm going to give it a try next Christmas! Thank you!