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Easy DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreathes

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how I made these super easy minimalist Christmas wreathes for our hallway! I love hanging a wreath on every door in the hallway because it makes that whole space feel cheery... and because hanging a wreath only takes about five seconds. Super fast and super festive? Yes please!

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If you were following last year, you may remember I made something similar with fresh greenery I clipped from our yard (find that tutorial here). I really loved how those turned out, but honestly I was not thrilled with the idea of repeating the process this season. It was a pretty pokey experience. So, this year I opted for faux greenery from Michaels. I also added a little twist this year by including the pine cones that came with my floral picks and adding a few brass bells that are delightfully jingly by day and less delightfully so by night. It's the price we pay for Christmas magic, friends.

I love how they turned out this year even more with the bells and pinecones. And I especially love that I won't have to re-make them next year! I'll be able to pull them out and pop them up on the doors. DONE. Want to make your own? Here's all you need:

  • hoop wreath (I found these at Ikea last year, but you can get similar hoops on Amazon)
  • small bells (here's something similar on Amazon, but your craft store might carry some, too!)
  • pine floral picks or garland (I used three of these picks from Michael's, but you can style of pick or even a garland that catches your eye! I was able to make five wreathes with the three picks.) 
  • Wire clippers 
  • hot glue gun
  • twine or ribbon

Start by using wire clippers (needle nosed pliers often have clippers built-in!) to cut your picks or garland into smaller, more workable pieces:

Lay them out on your hoop wreath until you like the arrangement. I only covered the bottom half of the wreath, but you can go all the way around if you prefer (just keep in mind you'll need to buy twice as much greenery). Once you're satisfied with the look just hot glue them in place! You could also opt for floral wire instead of glue if you want to be able to switch things up next year. P.S. it's totally fine to ditch the pine cones if they don't fit your Christmas vibe or if you want a more minimal wreath. You can just clip them off!

Now you can attach the twine or ribbon. Tie one piece to the top of the hoop for hanging the wreath - you'll want this piece to make a loop long enough reach up a few inches past the top of your door for hanging (I'll give you my favorite hanging tip in a minute). Then tie on a smaller piece of twine or ribbon for hanging the bells with two tails hanging down like this:

Then attach three bells to each wreath. I did two on the left "tail" and one on the right "tail" at staggered heights and knotted them in place. If your hoop wreath doesn't have the extra circle at the top like mine, you can use a dot of hot glue to keep your twine from sliding out of place. Like the pine cones, you can skip the bells if you want something more minimal... or if you don't want to hear jingling every time someone opens a door.

Now it's ready to hang! This is one of my favorite Christmas hacks - just put a command hook upside down on the back of the door. Then use the big loop of ribbon or twine to the top of a wreath, run it up over the top of the door, and loop it around the hook. DONE. Pro tip: I'm pretty sure these hooks have been up for three years straight. They blend in with the white doors so I never bothered to take them down!


Project Cost:

Hoop Wreathes = $11.00 for all five ($2.20 each at Ikea last year)

Faux Evergreen Picks = $23 for three picks (they were on sale 50% off, but you if you keep an eye out you might be able to stack a "20% off entire purchase" coupon on top of that sale)

Bells = Free! My dad bought a bunch a few years ago and gave me all his extras! Thanks dad!

Total: $34 (less than $7 per wreath)

I still had a few bells left over after making my wreathes, so I looped some red ribbon through the tops and hung them on the tree.

And that's pretty much the extent of my Christmas crafting this year. The only other thing I've managed to make was a sweet wooden bead garland (check out that tutorial here and see my sneaky hack for getting 50' of bead garland for under $1.00!). Although, at 8.5 months pregnant, this baby totally counts as a Christmas craft, too, right?

Let me know if you give this a try! And tell me in the comments: are you Team Faux Greenery? Or do you prefer the real stuff?

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  1. I love big, full wreaths, but this simple one warms my heart and makes me smile.