Tuesday, April 26

There and Back Again: Our Tale of Minimal Living

So we moved. Again. We're tired and digging our way out of boxes, but we are so. happy. to be here. I'll have plenty to say about our new place in the next few weeks, but for tonight I'm going to catch my breath with a few pics from our time in the rental. With 90% of our stuff in storage for the last three months, we had a fun little taste of the minimalist trend. Here's what did we learn in the process.

Trying to keep my poor plants alive in a sunny window. I think I forgot to pack a green thumb. 

There were a few things here and there we actually had to go out and buy once we realized we really did need them (like hangers. I didn't bring any hangers. Oops.) but for the most part, we didn't really miss all that stuff. I actually enjoyed the "stuff silence." Less clutter = less clutter noise. (Trust me. It's a thing.) Whew. Plus it was the easiest it's ever been for me to keep the house looking decent, keep the dishes washed, and get toys picked up. And if that's not enough reason to want to pare-down permanently, I came across a post by Embracing Simple about 11 Reasons to Own Less Stuff, and I have to say it sounds pretty appealing. Especially since we already found several of the reasons to be true in just the last couple months.

Everything we brought fit in our minivan and my parents cargo van - mattresses, dishes, clothes, bikes, everything. Including a small deep freeze. I had put a lot of good food in there and I wasn't about to lose it, okay? We weren't able to bring any other large furniture, so once we got there we picked up a cheap futon and rug (because good grief that floor was cold in February). I'll be the first to say it - hasty decisions were made. But the price was right and they fit in the van so ding ding we had a winner! We brought a folding table and chairs that could get us by, but my sis-in-law offered us a real table and chairs they weren't using in the interim, plus a coffee table we used as a tv stand.