About Us

Hi, I'm Georgia.

I'm a full-time mom, part-time blogger, and a maker at heart. When I'm not chasing these little hooligans around, I love to spend my down-time designing, crafting, sewing, and tackling all manner of DIY projects. I believe every house, even the one you're in right now, has the potential to become a home you love. And I believe that you can get there even on the tightest budget. So let's bring on the second-hand finds and hand-me-downs. Let's learn to love the quirkiness and "problem spaces." Let's make these houses into something more - homes that serves our families right where we're at.

This blog is my place to share my joy and passions, and hopefully help you discover the home you've been dreaming of along the way. Thanks for visiting.

P.S. I like this picture because it makes me look young. 

This is Husband.

My best friend and the backbone of our family. You might not see much of him on the blog, but that's because he's in all the behind-the-scenes work! Everything from the tech-y jargon to the heavy lifting. He keeps things running for both the blog and our family. He loves us to pieces and is more than I ever hoped for.

These are our boys.

Yep, we have four! And we are so glad they are ours.

M1 is an idea man - always coming up with something and making a plan (usually for things to make. He get's that from his mother). He is sweet and tender-hearted.
M2 is full of life and laughter. He's a goofball to the core and wears his heart on his sleeve.
M3 is an old soul who loves to help in the kitchen. He's sweet, snuggly, and often stoic (but has the. best. smile.).
M4 is our latest model. He can't wait to keep up with his brothers and loves to be outside.

They couldn't be more different, yet they fit so perfectly together. They look out for each other like only brothers can.

This is our family.

Life is better when you have people to share it with. We're in this together until the end. My husband and I do our best to love and support one another, and strive to raise our boys to be wonderful, God-fearing men. I look forward to each new day with all my guys. Always remembering our ultimate goal is heaven, and raising boys who love Jesus.

This is our house.

After living in a rental for three years, we dove into home ownership in fall 2010. We bought a little 1200 sq ft Cape Cod with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, an open living area, and a grassy backyard. It was the perfect place to start our family. Over the next five years we made it our own and grew from a family of two to a family of five. Then last winter we said "goodbye" to the little house we loved and welcomed new adventures - a new house, a new state, and a new baby! We found an old farmhouse with two beautiful acres, extra bedrooms, and big windows. I couldn't imagine a better place for our family to call home.

This is our blog.

I do the writing, but it's the story of all of us. It's where we share our latest home improvement projects, my homemaking adventures, and of course feature the antics of the brothers. We're glad to have you with us as we tackle life one day at a time!