Monday, November 5

Mini Book Bunting

Remember when I made a fun garland for Baby B's birthday party? You know, back in April? Well, I took it down yesterday. It was time. Mostly because it was time to start thinking about Christmas decorations! Don't panic, they aren't up yet, but I'm clearing space to just get ready and make a plan. That's half the fun after all! As soon as I took the birthday garland down I knew I wanted to make another one - something a little simpler and more neutral that would work with my home during the holidays and even after. And so the Mini Book Bunting was born!

I used pages from an old book (Reader's Digests are at almost every yard sale and thrift store!) that I cut into strips just like with my birthday bunting. The only difference was that instead of cutting the two-point flag shape I used before, I cut each flag into a pennant shape with a single point.

Then I used a little hot glue to put them on a string. All done! The book pages are great because they are nice a neutral, but the text gives them more interest and texture than a plain paper. Plus there's just something comfortable and cozy about about printed words. It's like being curled up with a good book all the time. I'm thinking this will look great on my entertainment center alongside my finger knitting garland year round! It would also be cool to make this with sheet music or handwritten notes or pages from a copy of your favorite book. Have fun with it!

You can see all the details on making a mini bunting garland here.

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