Wednesday, February 23

Bathroom - Mini Makeover

When we bought this house, we upgraded to 1 1/2 bathrooms! A full 1/2 more than we used to have, which is part of an upstairs master suite. It is wonderful. But like many parts of this house, the bathrooms will need a face lift. So far we haven't touched anything upstairs, mostly because we want to have the public parts of the house in shape first. You know, the parts people will see. Like the downstairs bathroom. Someday we definitely plan to do some major demolition, and probably gut the whole thing to start fresh. But for now we just need it too look decent! This is our one full bathroom, in all it's original glory.

Yes, it's a little tight. And a little outdated. When we first moved in we did some minor take downs just to get things feeling brighter and fresher. We took down the curtains and painted the mirror (It was originally gold). But I decided I didn't like it white either, that why the tape is still on it in the picture. :)

We also took down the glass shower doors. They were really cramped to use, and more importantly they caused major flooding because the water would run down the doors and leak under them on to the floor! So they had to go.

 After a few months of an all white bathroom, we decided to dress it up a little to get us by until the major make over. And we were able to do it for free, using paint we already had in the basement. We painted the top section of the wall blue, and painted the mirror black.
 Here is another picture of the wall & mirror. And those lights definitely have to go, but buying new ones didn't fit into our "all free" plan. So for now, they stay.
 We also put up the shower curtain we brought from the old house but hadn't unpacked yet. Yes, we're still unpacking four months later. :) The shower curtain helped a lot!
And there you have it. A much better looking bathroom in just a few hours and with $0 spent.