Wednesday, June 17

Bryan Coffee Table Twist

I've seen this style of coffee table pop up quite a few times lately. I spotted one on pinterest and fell in love with the industrial vibe and the combo of open shelving with drawers.

image via pinterest

Then another turned up in an issue of Better of Homes and Gardens. And it suddenly reminded me of something very familiar.

image via Better Homes and Gardens magazine

Our very first building project, my very first plan, and my very first post. Hello, beautiful. Our Rhyan coffee table has been taking a beating for over seven years and is still going strong, and it shares a lot of features with the tables I've been pinning (the same basic layout with an open shelf on top and drawers below).

So today we're looking at how you can make a few simple changes to turn a Rhyan table into... let's call it a Bryan table.

The tables are very similar with just a few differences. The Bryan table is wider, the drawers are more shallow, and there are only four drawers instead of six. Plus you can add wheels to finish off the more industrial feel. Sounds easy enough, huh? We'll also look at two options for the drawers - one using drawer slides and one without (our original table and the PB table it was based on did not use slides, but if I did it over I probably would).