Tuesday, October 18

DIY Kitchen Reno Plan

We've decided to make a big change in our old farmhouse. We're swapping the kitchen and dining room! The current dining room is much bigger than the kitchen, and with baby #6 on the way we're feeling more crowded than ever in our smaller kitchen. Will we get it done before the baby comes in December? No idea! 

Friday, January 28

DIY Camper Van Full Video Tour (Family of 7!)

Have you even wondered exactly how we fit seven people into our camper van? What our camping trips actually look like? What my voice sounds like and how fast I can talk? Well today is your lucky day!

When we went to visit Marengo Caves last summer, I put together a quick video tour of the whole set-up in action. So wonder no more. I'll show you where everyone sleeps, where we eat, our rainy-day plan, what we do with car seats, and so much more.


Enjoy the tour and let me know if you have any questions!


 Are you more impressed by how many people we fit in there or how fast I talk when I'm filming?

Camping at Magnus Park Beach
 Camping at Magnus Beach Park near Petoskey, MI

Want to turn your own van into a camper? Here are the tutorials for all everything we made:

Those posts are full of information and photos, but here are a couple angles I don't think I've ever shared before:

Magnetic screens moved to the back doors (we can also only open one door and put up a single screen like the first photo in this post).

We couldn't do it without that handy screen tent that acts as our outdoor kitchen!

Georgia for scale. Plenty of room to sit up (the ceiling is lowest right at the back door but it's several inches higher above the bed).

I peeked in the side door to see if this guy was awake yet and found him tucked up in our bed watching everyone make breakfast out the window.

Random and super zoomed-in/low quality photo my husband took of us, but we me the nicest couple by Marengo Caves who had converted this little cargo trailer into the sweetest little camper. They gave me a tour and tons of tips and I'm dying to give it a try. Is this the next step after a camper van??

Where should we camp next??