Wednesday, February 6

Mr. Valentine Dinner

Valentine's day is right around the corner! I wanted to think of something cute to make for dinner special for my husband. Since our current grocery list has been pretty skimpy in the meat section (seriously, why is meat so expensive?!) he very enthusiastically requested a meat-tastic meal. His first idea was BLT burgers! But I wanted to make them a little more Valentine worthy than a normal burger. I started by making the hamburger patties in the shape of hearts.

Then I arranged some bacon in the shape of hearts on a cookies sheet. I also rolled up a few pieces to make little rose buds. I baked them so they would hold their shape. After much Googling, I set the oven to 375 and just checked them every few minutes until they were done. And I would suggest checking them more often toward the end, mine got a little over done. :)

Here's a basic heart burger.

Oh, and his favorite cream soda to go with it of course!

And here's one with a bacon heart underneath. I actually really like how it kind of outlines the burger.

And if that's still not enough meat for your special mister, you can add a few bacon rose buds on the side.

And for a fun contrast, this is what N made me last year:

Yep, a cute fruit beach! It was yummy-licious. Baby B loved it too. That kid loves his fruits.

He also loves his monkeys. Here he is helping one of his BFFs get a good look at the snow. Cute, no?

Are you planning anything special for your valentine? Do you have a favorite romantic meal? I'd also LOVE some DIY gift ideas for the guys if you have any!


  1. That's what I want for Valentine's Day. Oh, wait a minute, we don't usually treat that day any differently, so I guess we can have that meal any (or every) day!

  2. Heart shaped hamburger!! wow, what a creative idea! nicely done! visiting you from Aloha. Feel free to visit me at my blog or like my page at facebook from your personal fb account (only way to count the likes) Thank you :)

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  4. Very cool! I can't hardly convince my fella to have a meat-free meal... he starts poking around the veggies, searching haha. Bacon in shapes is just brilliant though. Yum!