Monday, April 1

Thrifting with B

Guys, I'm itching for yard sale season. For realz. So little B and I headed to the thrift store this week to get a little bargain-hunting fix. All the clothes are half-off on Mondays so we went hoping to find a wool sweater or two for making nighttime diaper covers. But it turns out they stopped carrying sweaters already! Boo. It wasn't a complete loss though - we still found a few things to carry home. For me it was a couple t-shirts and tanks for summer ($1-1.50 each). I'll be too pregnant for them when summer starts, but with a baby coming in late July it will be great to have something cute and comfy to wear the rest of the season. I also found a pair of sweatpants for B ($0.99 - which turned out out to have a pink tag... so they may be girls pants... but no one has to know, right?), a belt for B ($0.99 - he wants to be just like daddy), and a pampered chef food chopper ($4). It was a fun trip and B was sweeter than ice cream the whole time. He stayed right by me and followed me all around the store. He even obeyed when I told him not to touch certain things. And since he loves to be a helper, he wanted to carry my clothes around until we went to the dressing room... where he insisted on trying on clothes too. He makes his momma so proud!

And speaking of B, he got an early birthday present from his Papa & Grandma. A slide. Also known as little boy heaven - especially when we're trapped inside on cold days!

He was a little timid about it at first, but now he dives down head first. So brave. :)

Anybody else ready to hit up some yard sales? I'm even super prepared this year and already have started sorting through the house and making a big pile of things for my own yard sale. And this year I'm being merciless. Seriously. If we don't need it, it's going. I think being in pre-nesting mode is helping.:)

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