Monday, July 1

My Favorite Time of Year

Summer. It's my favorite. The sun, the heat, the gardening, the swimming, and... the yard sales! I've been shopping (of course) and also held my own sale a couple weeks ago.

I don't have much new to say, so if you're interested in hearing all my yard sale tips (whether your a shopper or a seller) you can check out my posts here, here, here, and here. One new thing I found this year was these handy metal sign stakes ($1 each from Lowe's). So much easier to get in the ground than the wooden stakes I used before! I just used some sharpies to make my signs on poster board and clipped them into the stakes. Another important lesson - colored sharpies fade. Fast. Oops. So stick to black sharpies or use paints if you want color!

Just like every year, I pulled out all my don't need it/don't want it stuff. And like every year I stepped back and thought to myself "HOW DID I HAVE THIS MUCH EXTRA CRAP IN MY HOUSE?!" Seriously, where was I keeping it all?

All my bigger items sold (yay!) and our church's youth group sale was the next weekend so we were able to donate any other leftovers there. So none of this stuff made it back in the house! I'm seriously trying to restrain myself this year and not bring extra stuff home. If I don't have enough stuff for a yard sale next year, I will be a happy lady. :)

Topic change - one day I decided I needed cake (normally I don't even like cake!) so I made this Emergency Pregnancy Cake. That's a real thing. Trust me. I used this recipe and it was so easy and super yummy!

Anybody else having a yard sale this year? Or have any favorite tips & tricks to share?


  1. We moved this year, which is the only reason we have enough stuff for a sale. I love going to garage sales but hate holding them -- too much time invested for the money gained -- so after this I will go back to letting stuff accumulate only til there's enough to donate to goodwill. Thanks for the sharpie tip!